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Burlington County, New Jersey is located in the Delaware Valley. This part of the state has a rich history, having been first established in 1681. The area has many historic homes, but even houses that have been around for ages shouldn't always have flooring that's been there that long. New carpet installation is a standard part of maintaining and updating your home from time to time. Carpet quickly becomes worn and dirty and the only solution in some cases is to give your house a bit of a facelift with new carpet or hardwood installation. If you're in the market for flooring, SMART Carpet has you covered.

SMART Carpet and Flooring serves all of Burlington County, New Jersey. Residents in this area have the benefit of being able to shop for new floors without ever leaving their home. The mobile showroom of SMART Carpet comes directly to your door. This is ideal for making the right flooring choice. Samples look different when you're in a live showroom under harsh lights. In your own home, you can see exactly how that honey hue looks in the light coming through the front windows as well as just beneath your favorite reading lamp. There will be no unpleasant surprises when you shop at home.

The only surprise you may encounter with SMART Carpet is the pleasurable surprise of seeing that your carpet installer has done a stunning job and your home looks like new. Floors are stomped on, shuffled across and trampled daily but this part of the home is far from being unimportant. New flooring changes the appearance of the entire room. A new color of carpet can update your entire decorating scheme. Switching from carpet to a hardwood installation makes the home look entirely different as well. If you want floors that will stand up to serious wear, hardwood installation may be the solution.

If you're looking for new floors in the bathroom or kitchen, SMART Flooring has you covered there as well. Your flooring installer can do everything including tile, laminate and vinyl. Tile doesn't need to be relegated to bathrooms and kitchens, either. Tile flooring is a very stunning and modern solution in the living room or dining room as well. Choose a warm color and scatter rugs about and you'll have all the comfort you enjoyed with carpet with the ease of cleaning that comes with tile. Exploring your options is simple. A visit from the mobile showroom and flooring estimate are completely free.

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